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Equipment to sell

The sales process

With offices throughout Europe, Troostwijk Auctions has the expertise to assist you with selling your industrial goods. Since our establishment in 1930 we have undertaken more than 10,000 successful sales. We take care to sell your goods within the time available for the best price by optimising the sales process.

Usually our buyers are international end users for the machinery located across the entire world. We attract our buyers through our proactive marketing campaigns and in this way we make sure that you realise the highest return. Our professionalism in combination with the volume of our auctions ensures that our prospective buyers have a wide selection of machinery to choose from and that they continually return to Troostwijk Auctions. The qualitative traffic at our website is a good indicator of this.

How does the sales process work?

  • 1To contact
    • list of machines
    • visit
    • offer
    • contract agreement
  • 2To prepare
    • (make an) inventory
    • take photographs
    • implement marketing plan
    • organize view day
  • 3To sell
    • execute sales
    • inform buyers
    • invoicing
  • 4To complete
    • payment of invoices
    • collection by buyers
    • payment to clients

    With 80 years experience in running auction sales, Troostwijk is your ideal sales partner and perfectly placed to advise you on the sale. Online auctions make it possible for the bidders to bid on the internet in a transparent way. Often this can be organized within a short timescale. In addition, we organise traditional (live) auctions supported by bidders on the internet (a so called webcast auction system), private treaty or negotiated sales and tender sales. The choice of what sales method to use depends on the type of goods, the market conditions and the deadlines.
    Contact us to get advise about selling your assets.

    Once formally instructed, a project manager will be assigned to take care of the sale preparation on site. For a successful sale the goods need to be prepared for sale in the right way. Our marketing department designs the marketing plan for attracting potential buyers. In this way we are able to reach the right buyers for your goods. To optimise your sales return we use the Troostwijk online sales techniques. After bidding on all the lots has closed we invoice on behalf of our client. Goods are only released to the buyers once payment has been received in full. After that, the purchase monies are transferred to our client.

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