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ČSOB Leasing a.s., Slovakia

CNC grinding and milling machines, bakery, agricultural en printing equipment

Prague, Slovakia

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Closing date:8 June 14:00 CET
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Start date:17 May 15:00 CET
Viewing days:By appointment
Collection:By appointment

On behalf of our client, the largest Slovak leasing company, we have various items for sale, i.e. CNC grinding & milling machines, bakery, agricultural & printing technology


Various locations near Bratislava
Bratislava [SK]
this auction is closed
Metalworking (closed)Closing date starting
CNC machines (2)closed
Woodworking (closed)Closing date starting
Bandsaw machines (1)closed
Garden, park & agriculture (closed)Closing date starting
Agricultural machines (2)closed
Forest cultivating machines (1)closed
Food industry (closed)Closing date starting
Bakery machines & accessories (3)closed
Printing industry (closed)Closing date starting
Printing machines (2)closed
Miscellaneous (closed)Closing date starting
Compressors (1)closed
Several machines (3)closed
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