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Automotive Industry

Hanušovice, Czech Republic

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Closing date:17 May 15:00 CET
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Start date:17 April 12:00 CET

Online auction of movable assets of an automotive producer, due to their bankruptcy in the Czech republic. Production of Technical tubes for the cooling of engines, both oil and other, in metal & aluminium.

Attention, please!

Pick up for smaller items on 23 & 24 May, pick up of larger items can be picked up by appointment between May 23 and June 6.

For more information you can contact Angelique Molenberg +31 20 6666521


Zábřežská 246
Hanušovice [CZ]

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this auction is closed
Metalworking (closed)Closing date starting
Bending machines (19)closed
CNC drilling machines (6)closed
CNC sawing machines (2)closed
Blasting machines (28)closed
Measuring equipment (153)closed
Drilling machines (3)closed
Welding equipment and accessories (46)closed
Sawing machines (11)closed
Tools and accessories (29)closed
Cabinets (12)closed
EDM machines (1)closed
Cleaning machines (15)closed
Soldering devices (6)closed
Workshop equipment and miscellaneous (61)closed
Presses (21)closed
Stock (23)closed
Racking (9)closed
Turning lathes (3)closed
Milling machines (2)closed
Spare parts (15)closed
Valves (8)closed
Conveyors (1)closed
induction plant (1)closed
Air conditioning (4)closed
Various machines and accessories (30)closed
Office inventory (closed)Closing date starting
IT equipment (52)closed
Office furniture (3)closed
Cabinets (1)closed
Miscellaneous (2)closed
Combinations (closed)Number of lotsClosing date
Work tables (9)9closed
Spill containment pallets (9)9closed
Aluminum Stock (14)14closed
Measuring tools 1 (16)16closed
Measuring tools 3 (7)7closed
Lot 14 and 232 (2)2closed
Soldering welding wire (6)6closed
Measuring tools 2 (3)3closed
Steel Stock (9)9closed
Spare parts (11)11closed
Personal Computers (20)20closed
Reducing valves (8)8closed
Note books (10)10closed
Compressors (3)3closed
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